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Financial information

Nortura emphasizes open and honest communication with all stakeholders.

Owners, loan providers and the financial marked in general shall be provided with sufficient information in order to objectively assess the group's financial position and development.

Financial calender
10.03.22 Annual report/3. tertial 2021
22.06.22 1. tertial 2022
20.10.22 2. tertial 2022

Annual report

Resultat engelsk


Bond and certificate programme

Nortura SA has a bond and certificate programme with a ceiling of NOK 4,25 billion.

ISIN NO0010709686 225 mill.kr Senior Unsecured Bond 29/04/2024
ISIN NO0010790363 12 mill.kr Senior Unsecured Bond 11/04/2023
ISIN NO0010822893 150 mill.kr Subordinated Hybrid Bond 25/05/2023
ISIN NO0010886716 700 mill.kr Senior Unsecured Bond 02/07/2025
ISIN NO0010886724 150 mill.kr Senior Unsecured Bond 02/07/2027
ISIN NO0010886740 350 mill.kr Senior Unsecured Bond 02/07/2027
ISIN NO0011136624 500 mill.kr Senior Unsecured Bond 04/11/2026
ISIN NO0012513581 500 mill.kr Senior Unsecured Bond 04/05/2028
ISIN NO0012519737 750 mill.kr Subordinated Hybrid Bond 13/05/2027

An overview of our bonds listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange

Henrik Frisell Foto Erik Burås
Henrik Frisell
Kristian Sævik Foto Erik Burås
Kristian Sævik
Head of Treasury & Group Controlling